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What is Genesis Gems?

Genesis Gems is the first marketplace utilizing NFTs to purchase historically significant, GIA-certified, and regularly appraised gemstones

What are the benefits of having physical assets on the blockchain?

Genesis Gems real-asset NFTs (GG raNFTs) provide the flexibility of NFTs with the ownership, security, and underlying value of the physical assets, all coupled with the security of blockchain technology for transferring ownership. In other words, It’s the best of all worlds

What happens after I purchase a GG raNFT?

Gemstones are escrowed into a dedicated space in a high-security bank vault. Each lot in a vault box is assigned to a minted GG raNFT using its unique GIA number and token hash

How do I redeem my GG raNFT for the underlying gemstone?

Contact Genesis Gems to facilitate the secure procurement of your physical asset

Will my GG raNFT maintain its value?

There is no guarantee that any GG raNFT will hold its value or increase in value, and you may lose the amount of any payment for the GG raNFT in whole or in part. Each GG raNFT represents ownership of a gemstone and does not have value beyond that of the underlying gemstone. Therefore, the price of a GG raNFT is tied to the price of the underlying gemstone, which may fluctuate. Before purchasing a GG raNFT, you should conduct your own due diligence on the underlying gemstone. In addition, broader economic events may affect the gemstone market and the corresponding value of any GG raNFT. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether buying or selling GG raNFTs is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources.

How do I sell my GG raNFT?

GG raNFTs can be sold via the Genesis Gems marketplace or through any other marketplace that identifies ERC1155 standard.

If I want to sell my GG raNFT, who sets the price?

Users are solely responsible for determining the price at which they want to sell their GGraNFT. Genesis Gems will not be involved in any price setting by its Users.

If I want to sell my GG raNFT, will there definitely be a buyer?

There is no guarantee that the market for GG raNFTs will be active and liquid or that you will be able to sell or exchange your GG raNFTs when desired or at a favorable price. Genesis Gems is not required to repurchase GG raNFTs.

What are gas fees on Ethereum?

Gas fees are transaction fees paid to decentralized computers that use their computing power to process and confirm transactions on the Ethereum network, also known as miners. Genesis Gems does not receive these fees and is not able to refund them. Genesis Gems also does not control gas prices, nor does it profit from them. Users are responsible for their own network related fees.

What happens if the value of my cryptocurrency changes?

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset, and the value of cryptocurrencies may decrease. Users are solely responsible for their cryptocurrency and determining whether to use cryptocurrency to buy a GG raNFT or receive cryptocurrency for selling a GG raNFT. Genesis Gems is not responsible for any loss in value associated with the use of cryptocurrency.

Are there any risks associated with blockchain-based transfers?

There are risks associated with using digital assets such as NFTs and cryptocurrency, including, but not limited to, fraud or cyber-attack. Hackers or other malicious groups or organizations may attempt to interfere with the GG raNFTs, the Genesis Gems marketplace or the Ethereum blockchain in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, malware attacks, denial of service attacks, consensus-based attacks, Sybil attacks, smurfing, and spoofing. You should exercise caution and care when selling, buying, transferring or exchanging any GG raNFTs. Among other things, you could lose your GG raNFT due to these types of threats. We do not own or control the underlying software protocols that govern the operation of the Ethereum network. We are not responsible for operation of the Ethereum network protocols. Users are solely responsible for the safekeeping of the private key or password associated with the blockchain address used to purchase, sell, transfer or exchange GG raNFTs. Genesis Gems will not be able to restore or issue any refund in respect of any gemstone or GG raNFT due to lost private keys.

How do I report my GG raNFT sales for taxes?

Users are solely responsible for determining what, if any, taxes apply to their purchases, sales and transfers or exchanges of GG raNFTs. If you have questions regarding taxes, please consult with a professional tax advisor.

What fees do I have to pay for buying, selling, and maintaining my gem with Genesis Gems?

Genesis Gems will assess a service fee for transacting on its marketplace as well as a royalty fee for all secondary transactions (on or off the Genesis Gems Marketplace). Genesis Gems reserves the right to modify these fees at its discretion, and sellers will have an opportunity to review said fees at the point of sale.

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